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New Technologies, New Developments.

The world of finance, banking and currency transactions is on the move and changing!

The way we store our savings and pay for services and products is digiticed.

From checkbooks and balances in the bank to smartphones and immediate payments.

The writing is on the wall. You as consumer and participant in the new age of finance you have to adopt and prepare. The old banking system is on its last legs, The transition is underway. We assist you in taking new steps into the future of storing your value and making payments, outside of the traditional banking system. The old system will try to keep you in their "outdated" system as long as possible but with interest rates virtually zero, moving to negative, the banks force you to spend your money or move into the new system. We are here to advise you on your educated choice in moving forward. We are not a financial institution but an independent advisory service.

Crypto Currencies are here to stay and gain in importance. The days you will pay for your coffee at Starbucks or your Mac at McDonalds is around the corner!

Let us advice you, how and what. Simple, easy to understand. And be adapted to the new World of Payments and Storing your Wealth.

Go Bitcoin. Let us introduce you to this fascinating new Financial System, as secure as a bank, but without the risk of the bank going out of business. 



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